White Reindeer Hide WR22

White Reindeer Hide WR22


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Our naturally light reindeer rugs are sustainably sourced from Sweden. They make a stunning addition to any living space as a floor or wall hanging.

With colourings of whites, creams, beiges and greys that vary depending of the age and the season of the animal. Each reindeer hide is totally unique in colour and markings.

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White Reindeer Hide Rug

Enjoy the soft tactile nature & wonderful character of our White Reindeer Hides. The sumptuous beauty of a Reindeer Rug can only be appreciated by the beholder. They provide a truly stunning addition to your home, with each one we stock having its own unique colouring and markings.

Reindeer Hides are extremely versatile with fantastic thermal properties, making them perfect as a throw or seat cover for inside and outside your home. Many of our customers are using Reindeer hides for a variety of practical situations including camping, caravanning, festivals, barbeque, as throws and tent lining.

Our White Reindeer Hides are sourced from the Scandinavian regions of Sweden and are a Bi Product of the food industry. Reindeer farming is a modern livelihood that is passed down through the generations. It is in tune with nature’s cycle and provides a living for large number of people in the harsh north of Sweden & Siberia. In many villages Reindeer Farming is the number one employer and the Nomadic Nenets still use every part of the reindeer for food, clothing and decoration.

Reindeer fur is made up of hollow hairs providing unbeatable thermal insulation making these rugs an ideal choice beside a bed. It is not recommended that the rugs are placed in areas with high temperatures as this will make the hair more brittle and prone to snapping. As with all deep pile natural products some shedding should be expected from these skins.

The blend of white, grey, taupe, beige and brown markings vary depending on the season and age of the animal so each skin is individual and unique.
We photograph each hide individually and the one you see in the photo is the one you will receive. If you are not entirely happy with your rug, simply return it to us within 14 days and we will refund you.

Please Note: Reindeer Roam Free in there natural habitat, you may find battle scars small holes in the skin, patches of short fur and even small bald patches. This is completely normal and does not effect the overall appearance of theses stunning hides.

Reindeer Hides are prone to shedding if placed near or on a heat source, they are also susceptible to environmental conditions and are purely a decorative item.

  • Do not place on floors with underfloor heating
  • Do not place in direct sunlight
  • Do not place directly in front of an open lit fire
  • Do not leave in conservatories

If you experience any sustained large amounts of shedding and have followed our care instructions please contact us as soon as possible. We do offer a refund on any Reindeer Hides that shedding is occurring up to 3 months from receipt.

Dimensions 107 × 94 cm
  42.13 × 37.01 inch







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