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3 creative ways to integrate natural rugs
3 creative ways to integrate natural rugs into modern interior design

In the world of interior design – as in the fashion world – trends are always coming and going. What was once considered contemporary may now seem overdone and dated. Nowadays, modern interior design is one that prioritises sleek likes and clean surfaces. This minimalist approach lends a certain longevity to the current “modern” look.

However, how can we add a touch of warmth to a space that’s designed to look simple and uncluttered? Natural rugs, with their organic texture and aesthetic, offer a great way to achieve this. Wondering how to incorporate a natural rug into your modern home? Here are three creative ideas:

  1. Layering textures for depth: To add character to a space that’s otherwise sleek and polished, layer a natural rug with other textures. For instance, place a natural sheepskin rug on top of a solid-coloured rug or a polished concrete floor. The contrast between the soft natural fibres and the smooth surface adds depth to the room. Do remember, however, that if you’re placing a rug onto a smooth surface, then you’ll need to put an anti-slip rug underlay underneath to stop the rug from slipping.
  2. Defining living spaces: One of the hallmarks of modern design is open-planned living spaces. While this style of interiors brings a sense of space and encourages natural light, it means that the areas between zones can lack definition. A natural rug can be positioned under a seating area, either in the dining space or under a coffee table. This will anchor the area visually and help to define the space without detracting from the open and airy feel of modern design.
  3. Contrasting colours for visual impact: In general, modern interiors are designed with neutral colour palettes, prioritising shades such as white, grey, and black. To add some visual interest to a space that could otherwise seem bland, opt for an exotic rug. From blesbok and goatskin to springbok, an exotic rug adds a contrasting colour palette and brings warmth to a room that might seem a little too sterile.

The overarching aim of incorporating a natural rug into a modern interior is to provide a balance against the minimalist approach. Not only do natural rugs soften the edges of contemporary spaces, but they also add a welcome touch of warmth and comfort. The combination of clean lines and natural fibres strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and cosiness.


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