Large Sheepskin Rugs

For double the cosiness of our standard sheepskin rugs, opt for one of our extra large sheepskins.

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Double up on size and character with our large sheepskin rugs. Extra large sheepskin rugs are the perfect addition to bigger rooms or office spaces where you need to fill expansive floor space or cover wide furniture with a statement of cosy individuality.

There’s not much that beats sprawling out together on the living room sofa to listen to music or watch TV after a day at work. There’s definitely nothing better than doing so with one of our fluffy, deep-pile large hides for company.

Whether you place it neatly in front of the fireplace for extra levels of warmth and character, or you use it as a great conversation starter atop a living room, dining room or bedroom floor, these larger rugs will be the envy of friends, family and neighbours wanting to copy your interior design ideas.

With a wide selection of large sheepskin versions across our sheepskin rug range, including Icelandic sheepskin hides and classic sheepskin hides, you could even double up on standard and large versions of your favourite hide rugs!

Buying a large sheepskin hide from us guarantees you an ethically sourced, premium quality rug, with each hide your purchase representing a real one-of-a-kind in terms of total size, shape and colour tone.