Reindeer Rug Care

Because of the sumptuous beauty of a Reindeer Rug  they have seen an increase in their popularity over recent years. Perhaps this is because they are so soft with the deepest pile on any hide we have seen. They are also totally unique in their appearance with wonderful markings.

Much like any natural hide rug they do require a little more care than modern synthetic rugs. But there is no comparison what so ever in terms of quality and uniqueness.

There are some small steps that you can take to keep your rug in pristine condition for longer and elongate the lifespan of this beautiful item. Reindeer rugs are very much designed for aesthetics, they are much better suited on drape over a sofa or bed, on a bedroom floor or anywhere the hide will not get too hot or be trampled on over and over again.

You can of course use your hide as you please, but the usage will affect the longevity and the amount of shedding that takes place.

The tanning process of a reindeer hide rug are generally tanned to maintain the amino acids within the hide itself, there is often then a silicone sprayed to ensure that they are waterproof, making sure that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. However if your rug does get more drenched then wet you should allow it to dry out naturally in bright natural light, which also sanitises the hide as well as drying it.

You may find that initially after purchase the hide may moult, this will result in the dropping of a small amount of the fur and is completely normal. If this happens then all you will need to do is shake the rug outside every few days in order to move off any of these loose hairs. After a few weeks you will find that your rug will settle down and the need to shake off will be less frequent.

Due to the nature of the rug hair it is important not to place in front of fire or any other heat source. The hollowed out hair of a reindeer is ideal for heat insulation during those snowy nights outside, however in your home it can mean that any extreme heat causes the fur to moult. This is also why we suggest that you do not hoover your rug.

We suggest that unless you purchased the Reindeer hide for your pet, that you keep it well away from Cats & Dogs.

We all know that cats and dogs love nothing more than curling up on a rug after a long day exploring however it is advised that pets (especially cats) are kept off of these types of hide rugs. With the deep and luxurious fur they may find themselves more than a little bit tempted to burrow away with their paws and may cause some damage which may even limit to lifespan of your rug.

Cleaning Tips

If you spill any liquids on your reindeer then you have a few seconds to react. The fur does have the ability to repel liquids for a short period of time. Make sure you get some absorbent tissue or towel and immediately dab on the spill. If the liquid is coloured and has stained the fur it will be difficult to get this it out totally. You can use a mild shampoo and immediately tackle the stain. Do not get it too wet, once you have done the best you can Rinse with luke warm water only on the affected area, then leave to dry out naturally away from direct sunlight.

It is not advisable to wash your hide. If you do have to, make sure you use a very mild shampoo and use luke warm water. Unfortunately it’s the skin that never stays soft if you wash your hide. It will lose its suppleness.

If solids are spilt onto your hide it is better to get the majority of the solids off and then let the rest dry out and brush out the dirt after it has dried.
You should shake out the hide on a regular basis, preferably outside because of the shedding that occurs.

Following these simple tips we hope you enjoy your Reindeer Hide for many years to come.

Dry Cleaning

  • This product can be dry cleaned.
  • We would recommend using a company that has experience with cleaning animal skin rugs.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by this process and you should seek professional advice before proceeding with this type of cleaning method.

General Care

  • As with all new materials, animal skins will have their own particular smell; this will gradually disappear over time. Airing them will help eliminate any scent that may be there.
  • Reindeer rugs are prone to shedding in certain environmental conditions. Please avoid direct sunlight, conservatories and underfloor heating.
  • We advise that you should try and keep your rug well away from pets as they can tend to dig out the hairs and ruin the rug.
  • Reindeer rugs are more suited to domestic environments or low traffic areas. Constant walking over your hide or sitting on them will cause hair breakage.
  • Strong sunlight is to be avoided as this will fade the colour and damage the leather.
  • Bathrooms or damp environments should be avoided as mold may develop.
  • You may also wish to let air blow through the rug by leaving it outside either on a washing line or on an airer. Do not leave in direct sunlight.
  • Simply vacuum your rug or give it a shake outside to remove dust and small dry particles of dirt.
  • Lightly brushing with a plastic brush helps keep the hair soft and helps remove dirt.


  • If you intend on storing your animal skin rug for any length of time we recommend that it be kept in a cool dry, airy position avoiding direct sunlight or damp environments.
  • Do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period as condensation and creasing may occur.
  • After Storage, if you have folded your animal skin rug to store away, the crease marks will diminish over a period of time. Simply give your rug a good shake and carefully brush through the wool fibres or hair to renew the soft lustre.