Siberian Reindeer Hides

Full of character, our genuine Siberian reindeer hide rugs feature beautiful rich brown colours and have a alluringly distinctive shape.

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Delectably soft and silky smooth to the touch, Siberian reindeer hides evoke thoughts of wide-open frosty planes, glistening snow and long journeys across wintery landscapes that only seek to add to their opulent appeal.

As with all natural hides, no two Siberian reindeer hides are the same. They differ from our selection of traditional reindeer hides due to their slightly boxier shape and deeper colour variations.

With tones ranging from deep chocolate with hints of burnt amber to ivory cream complete with suggestions of light charcoal throughout, these distinctive hides are an excellent accompaniment to traditional or modern interiors and can be wall-mounted as a key talking point in living areas.

For those who prefer their Siberian reindeer hides to act as a rug, the self-insulating properties of the hollow natural fibres guarantee a warm and oh-so-soft welcome at any time of the year.

With a range of sizes and colour variations to choose from, our Siberian reindeer hides are truly one of a kind and a unique addition to any home, workspace or camping trip.