Metallic Cowhides

Combining natural patterns with vivid metallic dyes, our high quality metallic cowhide rugs finish modern spaces perfectly.

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If you’re looking for that extra touch of class to finish off a home or office space, our metallic cowhides could be exactly what you need.

Combining natural patterns with vivid metallic dyes, these high-quality rugs come in several colour and multicolour options, with sizes ranging from medium to extra-large suitable for many typical living rooms and bedrooms.

Ethically sourced from South America and treated by experienced Brazilian tanners, our metallic cowhides are handpicked for their unique markings and patterns, with the shimmering metallic finish the final part of a world-renowned process.

Our rugs are great for showing off by placing them on wooden or carpeted floors in your house, while you can also take them to work; whether that be to hang on the wall of a pub, restaurant or retail space – they always look spectacular and are a great conversation starter.

What’s more, each metallic cowhide you purchase will be completely individual to you, with precise size measurements, shape, colour tones and patterns differing between each hide.

Got a specific budget in mind? No problem, as our hide rug collection is highly affordable without compromising on our premium quality guarantee.