Patchwork Cowhides

Our hand-finished patchwork cowhide rugs are individually crafted with small squares for a stunning array of colour, pattern, and texture.

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Unlike many other cheaper alternatives available online, our range of exquisite patchwork cowhides are made from expertly selected pieces of premium cowhide and are hand bonded together using superior materials to create a one of a kind piece that will enhance your interior space for many years to come.

From traditional checkerboard designs that bring together the warming black and brown tones for a natural look to the more modern styles that unite pale grey, ivory and spotted hide pieces for an abstract appearance, our patchwork cowhide rugs are the perfect partners for cosy or contemporary interiors.

Using only ethically sourced premium quality hides selected by an experienced team of hide rug makers and hand-finished using expert techniques for a beautiful rug that with a little TLC will last a lifetime, each and every one of our patchwork cowhide rugs is truly individual thanks to their 100% natural hide materials and come in various shapes and sizes to suit any space.

A real focal point for any room, these unique rugs offer an array of colours, textures and patterns in one incredible piece and offer the sumptuous softness and touch-ability that you can only achieve from a genuine patchwork cowhide rug.