Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs

We source the softest and fluffiest Icelandic sheepskin rugs in both shorn and unshorn finishes of fleeces to create the ultimate Nordic interior style.

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Sheepskin rugs have been commonly used across Nordic households for centuries, with our shorn and unshorn soft Icelandic sheepskin hides perfect if you want to turn your home into a cosy Hygge retreat.

Produced in either natural or dyed colours depending on the look you’re after, these Nordic sheepskin rugs are known for their supple wool and gentle feel in comparison to other types of sheepskin hide.

Looking for an extra touch of style and sophistication? Our Iceland sheepskin hides are the perfect accompaniment to those feelgood dinnertime conversations with friends and family, as well as snuggling up in front of the fire for an evening watching TV.

Promoting a sense of individuality in any space, with the padded feel underfoot ideal for a bedroom or spare room floor, these rugs can also be used to complement your furniture, with many customers using them as alternative seat coverings, appealing sofa displays and throws.

Our ethically sourced and eco-friendly hides can even find a place beyond the home. Want to show off your new rug to colleagues? Why not bring a sense of warmth to the office, which is bound to make any clients walking through feel right at home.

If you have a particular colour in mind to go with your space, you will find traditional beige, brown and greys alongside quirky offerings such as blue, turquoise, and burgundy red, as well as mixed-shade sheepskin rugs for the ultimate authentic look.