British Rare Breed Sheepskin Rugs

Best of Britain: our rare breed sheepskin rugs are sourced from stunningly beautiful homegrown sheep breeds, giving a quintessentially English feel to any home.

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When only the Best of Britain will do, take a look at our wide range of British rare sheepskin rugs; ethically sourced from the finest homegrown lamb breeds to be found across our countryside.

Striking markings and textures combine with all the hallmarks of our premium quality rugs, including a soft to touch and walk upon fluffy wool fleece made all-natural and free from harsh chemicals or dyes.

Choose from distinctive shades of natural dark and light-brown, grey and black, ivory and cream, and mixes of all, with our rare hides some of the most distinctive of all sheepskin rugs we offer – each being unique in size, shape and colour tone, so that you can proudly show off to friends and family.

Transforming any home or office space in which you display it, our British rare sheepskin hides look great on wooden kitchen floors, draped over sofas and chairs, or even hanging on the wall of a trendy meeting room for a conversation piece that will really break the ice!

These charming, rare breed rugs can be easily maintained by shaking off any excess dust during your cleaning routine, as well as setting your hoover nozzle to medium-suction to keep your hide looking good as new.