Removing Creases

You normally only get creases in short haired hide rugs such as Cowhide Rugs, Goatskin Rugs , Springbok Rugs and Blesbok Rugs. Generally the larger the hide the more likely you are to have creases in it.

Unfortunately due to the way in which the hides are stored it is inevitable that crease form, it is only because they are folded and packaged then left on shelves until they are sold. This does not harm the hide and generally the creases simply come out after a few weeks  on your floor.

For those of you who want to remove the creases straight away or they have not come out after a few weeks, then simply follow our useful guide on How to Remove Creases from your Hide Rug.

Lay your hide on a smooth heat proof surface

Heat your Iron on a normal cotton temperature

Place a damp tea towel on the crease

Use your Iron to work out the crease by placing the Iron onto the damp tea towel and working in the direction of the hair on the hide smooth out the crease.