Traditional Reindeer Hides

Incredibly soft with dense fur, our responsibly sourced Nordic reindeer hide rugs are a stylish addition to any interior.

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Run your hands through our traditional reindeer hides range and instantly be transported to snowy mountain tops surrounded by glacier fresh alpine air as you sink into the sumptuously soft dense fur.

As reindeer fur has naturally occurring hollow fibres, our traditional reindeer hides retain heat, making them warm and welcoming to the touch regardless of the temperature outside.

Ideal for bedrooms, living areas or any other interior that deserves that extra touch of luxury, each traditional reindeer hide is completely unique, with shapes, sizes and shades varying from hide to hide for a truly unique piece.

When selecting your traditional reindeer hide, you’ll notice that the colour variations are vast and offer you an array of natural palettes to choose from.

From warm cinnamon tones and earthy browns for a rustic vibe to iced grey and ivory hues for those with a more contemporary space, choose the traditional reindeer hide that resonates with you and you’ll have a unique, one-of-a-kind focal point in your home that will turn your visitors green with envy.

We use only premium natural hides and have stringent quality control checks to ensure that your traditional reindeer hide offers excellent texture, colour and quality. What’s more, each hide in our range is ethically sourced for your complete peace of mind and total satisfaction.