Cowhide Rug Care

Cowhides Rugs are relatively easy to look after and maintain. They look fabulous in all types of situations and work well with the usage levels of either a home or work environment. If the hide is to be used in an entrance hall or an area where the cowhide will be walked on, you should expect to see early signs of wear.

As well as this, if the rug is kept in direct sunlight then you will also see some fading of the product. Ideally your Cowhide should be used as a decorative item in low traffic areas as this will make sure your hide is lasts for many years.

With correct care and washing processes you can make sure that you rug always looks its best.

When it comes to cleaning your cowhide we do recommend not to immerse it in water, place in a washing machine or even have the product dry cleaned. This leaves you with the question; how will I get it clean?

Believe it or not this is a much simpler question then you might imagine. To clean your cowhide successfully with minimum damage to your precious item simply stick to the following Cowhide Rug Care Guide.

Cleaning Agents

  • Use a mild shampoo specifically designed for leather goods
  • We recommend the use of non-ionic mild liquid detergents only
  • Do not use alkaline products
  • Do not use products containing biological enzymes or bleach
  • Do not use biological washing powders, soap based powders, soap flakes or conditioners or any detergent containing enzymes

Dry Cleaning

  • This product can be dry cleaned.
  • We would recommend using a company that has experience with cleaning animal skin rugs.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by this process and you should seek professional advice before proceeding with this type of cleaning method.


While damp massage and stretch out the skin back to its original shape. Brush through the hair with a plastic toothed hair brush or massage brush. This is will lift the hair from the leather and stop it sticking together.

  • Do not force dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight

Note: Excessive heat will cause the leather to shrink or harden.

  • If possible lay flat or line dry so that air can pass through the hide.
  • Once the hide is dry massage the skin and brush through the hair in the direction it lays.

General Care

  • As with all new materials, animal skins will have their own particular smell; this will gradually disappear over time. Airing them will help eliminate any scent that may be there.
  • Animal skin rugs are more suited to domestic environments or low traffic areas. Constant walking over your hide will eventually wear away the hair and bald patches will start to appear.
  • Strong sunlight is to be avoided as this will fade the colour and damage the leather.
  • Bathrooms or damp environments should be avoided as mold may develop.
  • You may also wish to let air blow through the rug by leaving it outside either

Spot Cleaning

  • Use mild cleaning agent or specialist cleaner.
  • Do not use biological washing powders, soap based powders, soap flakes or conditioners or any detergent containing enzymes.
  • Use a kitchen towel or similar absorbent material to clean up the area as best you can. Then use a mild cleaning agent with a gentle dabbing motion to the affected area until the spill has gone. Rinse with clean water being very careful not to soak the skin of the hide.
  • Dry natural away from any heat source including sunlight. Massage the skin while drying.


  • If you intend on storing your animal skin rug for any length of time we recommend that it be kept in a cool dry, airy position avoiding direct sunlight or damp environments.
  • Do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period as condensation and creasing may occur.
  • After Storage, if you have folded your animal skin rug to store away, the crease marks will diminish over a period of time. Simply give your rug a good shake and carefully brush through the wool fibres or hair to renew the soft lustre.