Designer Sheepskin Rugs

Our stunning designer sheepskin rugs are hand picked and are often the most unique and desirable looking from our entire collection.

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As the name suggests, our designer sheepskin rugs are some of the most sought-after from our entire collection.

Taking inspiration from our Icelandic sheepskin hides (with some rectangular shaped sheepskin rugs thrown in for good measure), our stunning designer hides are brimming with quality and sophistication.

Add a touch of character and warmth to any space, with a plush wool design matching a soft feel underfoot for an undeniably luxurious effect in your bedroom, living room or dining area.

Looking equally splendid resting on a wood floor as on a tiled or carpeted surface, these supplely designed rugs come in a wide range of colour options to complement varied interior design styles: natural grey, ivory and a cream and brown mix are just some enticing examples.

Our ethically sourced, natural pelts are handpicked for thickness, density, wool length and colour, with both shorn and unshorn rugs available in our range depending on personal preference for snugness!

While every rug you purchase from us will be unique in precise size and shape and tone, you can choose from double, triple and quad-size options so that you can be sure the general size of your hide will match your required measurements.