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4 Reasons Why Natural Rugs Are the Perfect Addition to Your Eco-Friendly Home

The increasing threat of the climate crisis has encouraged many of us to make changes to our way of life in a bid to lessen our carbon footprints. Whether this means making small adjustments to our day-to-day or overhauling our entire lives, it’s apparent that an increased focus on sustainability has become the new norm.

So if you, like many others, are looking to make the switch to a more environmentally-friendly way of life, you might want to consider embracing the use of natural materials, starting with your choice of home décor.

If you’re planning on updating your living space without damaging our precious planet, here are some reasons why a natural rug would make the perfect addition to your eco-friendly home:

  • They’re biodegradable: When a synthetic rug reaches the end of its lifecycle, it’s inevitably destined for the landfill. Created using man-made materials such as nylon and plastics, these mass-manufactured rugs take hundreds of years to decompose. Natural rugs, on the other hand, are biodegradable, meaning that when they are obsolete, they will break down naturally without causing any additional unnecessary pollution.
  • They’re unlikely to go out of style: Interior trends, as with fashion trends, come and go like the wind. What’s hot this week will undoubtedly become old news next week. This tendency for trends to come and go has led to what is known as a “throwaway culture”. In a society that’s strongly influenced by consumerism, short-lived products are often chucked out to make new for the next best thing. Natural rugs, however, have proven to stand the test of time. They’ve been popular choices for years and years, and this popularity doesn’t look as though it’ll dwindle anytime soon. By investing in a natural rug, you can ensure you’ll have an on-trend statement piece for years to come.
  • They’re durable: With a synthetic rug, signs of wear and tear are quick to show. Their composition of man-made materials renders them susceptible to damage and yellowing far sooner than their natural counterparts. A cowhide rug or sheepskin rug, conversely, are durable alternatives, meaning they fare better over a longer period of time, even in high-traffic areas.
  • They’re produced using less energy: Natural rugs are, in most cases, by-products of the meat industry. While synthetic rugs require large amounts of energy to produce, natural rugs require minimum resources. In fact, turning hides into rugs saves them from being wasted.

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