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Elevate Your Home with These Unique Exotic Hides

Although there’s nothing wrong with the most popular design trends, we love to incorporate more unique pieces in our homes.

An easy way to add a bit of personality to your home is to use exotic rugs in your interiors.

In this article, we’ll be talking about three particular exotic hides — Blesbok, Goatskin, and Springbok — that offer the perfect way to upgrade your home and embrace some natural beauty.

Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Blesbok Hides

Derived from the African Blesbok antelope, these hides make a beautiful centrepiece in any home.

Characterised by a unique palette of warm browns and creams, Blesbok hides are a feast for the eyes that reflect the untamed beauty of the African savannah.

Incorporating Blesbok hides into your home decor adds some rustic charm, making them ideal the cosy areas of your home – like the living room or bedroom.

2. Goatskin Hides

Goatskins hides are quite a bit smaller than your typical rug but are known for their supple softness that feels extremely comfortable underfoot.

Originating from goats, these hides come in a range of colours and patterns, making them adaptable to various design schemes.

3. Springbok Hides

The African Springbok antelope provides hides with distinctive markings that will make them a focal point in any room.

Characterised by a unique mix of rich caramel, warm chocolate and soft cream, Springbok hides bring an exotic flair to your home decor.

Because the natural colours are a statement in themselves, you can afford to tone it down a bit with the rest of your décor choices.

How to Incorporate Exotic Hides into Your Home Décor

Exotic hides are natural rugs so they every piece is completely unique, which may make it a little bit difficult to work out how it’s going to work with the rest of your décor.

Here are some ideas of how you can make them work:

  • Mix and Match Textures: Combine exotic hides with other textures like wood, metal, or woven materials to create a balanced and visually appealing look.
  • Keep it Simple: If you want to play it safe, use your exotic rug as the focal point and use similar colours for the rest of your décor choices to create a cohesive finish.
  • Natural Light Enhancements: Place hides strategically in areas that receive natural light to highlight their unique patterns and textures.
  • Layering for Depth: Experiment with layering hides over larger rugs or using them with other textiles to add depth and interest.

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