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How can you make a small room feel bigger?

If there’s a room in your home that feels small and cramped, don’t despair. Before you think about knocking down a few walls, consider your décor and furniture layout first. With some easy tips and tricks up your sleeve, you could turn your cluttered and cramped space into a much lighter and larger feeling room.


Clutter is the enemy of smaller rooms. Surfaces which are covered in stacks of paper or shelves which are haphazardly piled high with books and magazines can make a small space feel even more diminutive. Declutter as much as you can – put items you aren’t using away, remove old magazines and newspapers, and have dedicated storage for things like extra throws for the sofa, remote controls and DVDs, toys, games and so on.

Be strategic with your furniture

Having too many large pieces or different styles can quickly modestly sized room feel even smaller still. Look for furniture that is similar in style and colour, which is minimal in design and with clean lines. If your chosen items can pull double duty, even better. A coffee table with under table storage for example, or a TV cabinet with a cupboard or drawers is smart way to make the maximum use of all available space.


Paint in lighter shades

Dark tones make small rooms feel stuffy and enclosed. Instead, open up your space and bring in more light by opting for paints and wall coverings in lighter shades. Neutrals are always a great idea and as they are timeless, won’t begin to look dated as the seasons change. This means you won’t constantly need to be redecorating. Another plus with neutrals is that you can create small pops of colour and focal points with interesting pieces of art, throws or cushions. Plus, lighter shades are suitable for all kinds of rooms, from bedrooms to studies, lounges to kitchens.

Keep floor coverings neutral

Keeping things minimal applies to the floor, too. Rugs that are too dark or overly patterned can make the space feel too busy, which contributes to that feeling of lacking space. Neutral, light colours create a sense of space and if your wall coverings and soft furnishings are also lighter in tone, helps to create a sense of cohesion. Our grey and white cowhide rugs and soft, fluffy sheepskin rugs are ideal in smaller rooms.

Add mirrors

Adding a large mirror or a few smaller mirrors can mimic the appearance of a larger space by reflecting light around the room. This is a tried-and-tested technique for giving smaller spaces a bigger, airier and lighter feel.


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