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How To Incorporate Reindeer Rugs into Modern Interior Design Trends
How To Incorporate Reindeer Rugs into Modern Interior Design Trends

Whether you like to pay attention to the latest interior design trends or not, we all want our homes to have a sense of timeless style to them.

One element that can pull your home together is the addition of a reindeer rug. This addition is perfect for creating spaces that are both chic and timeless – they also complement many modern design trends nicely. Keep on reading to find out more.

Neutral Elegance

A lot of modern interiors like to embrace the sleek and sophisticated look of neutral hues throughout the home.

Reindeer rugs, with their natural colour variations ranging from creamy whites to deep browns, can act as a stylish grounding element that will provide a sense of balance to more minimalist furnishings.

Try putting a pure white rug in the centre of your living room, or try adding some brown hues to add a unique twist to the usual cream interiors.

Lots and Lots of Layers

In a departure from neutral elegance, we’re also seeing a lot of interior designers explore layering to add some drama and dimension to living spaces.

If you want to play off different layers and textures, consider layering a reindeer rug over existing carpets or sleek wooden flooring. The contrast between the smooth surfaces and the lush, dense fur of the rug will add depth and visual interest to your space.

Make a Statement

People are getting more comfortable with making a statement in their homes. Whether you choose to paint a wall an eye-catching blue or add a quirky sofa as a conversation starter in your lounge, it’s interesting to add something a little different to your interiors.

You can also incorporate a reindeer rug as a statement piece. Drape it over a contemporary sofa or accent chair to introduce a touch of natural opulence. The soft, natural textures of the rug will provide a nice contrast to the clean lines of modern furniture, which will elevate the overall design of your space.

Interesting Wall Art

Who said that a rug can only be put on the ground? Tying in with the trend of fun gallery walls and interesting prints, you could stretch a large reindeer rug across a feature wall to create a striking focal point.

It’s a design decision that’s sure to turn heads but will also add a sense of drama to your home – all while showing the versatility of reindeer hides in unconventional design applications.

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