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Our Guide to Pairing Hide Rugs with Other Textures
Our Guide to Pairing Hide Rugs with Other Textures and Patterns for a Gorgeous Home

When you’re trying to style your home, it’s important to create a beautiful space that blends different textures and patterns in a unique and stylish way.

One of the easiest ways to take your home from simple to stylish is by taking one of our hide rugs and incorporating it into your living room, bedroom, or home office. These rugs stand out for their unique texture and natural beauty so are perfect for a wide range of interior styles, from rustic living to a more modern eclectic feel.

Here's how to achieve a stunning look by pairing your hide rugs with other textures and patterns.

Start with the existing textures in your home

Before introducing a hide rug into your space, take stock of the textures, colours, and patterns you already have.

Are your furnishings predominantly neutral and chic, or do you have a variety of textures like wood, metal or stone? You can either select a hide rug that complements or contrasts with your interiors, both ways will create a well-balanced space.

Get comfortable with contrast

One of the most effective ways to make a design statement is by using contrasting textures.

Pair a soft, supple hide rug with more rustic wooden furniture for a striking visual contrast. The interplay between the smoothness of the hide and the ruggedness of the wood adds depth and interest to your space.

Don’t be scared to mix up your patterns

Don't shy away from mixing patterns when incorporating a hide rug into your home decor.

Pairing bold geometric or floral-patterned styles with a more neutral hide rug can create a dynamic and visually appealing contrast. Just ensure that the colours you’re using either complement or contrast each other.

Accessorise to bring your decor together

Use accessories to tie together the different textures and patterns in your space. Incorporate throw pillows, blankets, and curtains in complementary fabrics and patterns that echo the texture of the hide rug for a cohesive and pulled-together look.

Think about scale and proportion

Pay attention to the scale and proportion of the textures and patterns in your space. If you have large furniture or bold architectural elements, opt for a larger hide rug with a more pronounced texture to anchor the room.

In smaller spaces or rooms with delicate furnishings, a smaller hide rug with a softer texture can add subtle interest without overwhelming the space.

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