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Sheepskin is an incredible resource, isn’t it? Not only can it be used to make the softest rugs and blankets known to man, but it can be used for bedding, cushions, beanbags and so many other wonderfully soft things.

For sheepskin lovers, we also offer a range of accessories to keep you comfortable and snug all year round. Our sheepskin gloves are the perfect winter accessory that will keep your hands warm and comfortable when the temperature drops with its natural insulating properties, they are hardwearing and durable too. Check out our gloves for men, women and children to keep the whole family warm this winter.

As well as your hands you can also treat your feet with our handmade sheepskin slippers. Our traditional sheepskin slippers keep you warm while still allowing your feet to breathe while wicking away any moisture to keep you feeling fresh while you relax at home.

We even offer a OEKO-TEX certified medical range, including supports to strengthen your wrist or knee to avoid injury or to aid recovery following any injury or break you may have suffered. Our pure wool medical products made of merino wool generates dry heat to aid the healing process and helps support the joint as well as warming it. Because sheepskin is hypoallergenic it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

All of our sheepskin products are sustainability sourced as a by-product of the meat industry from certified farms where we are guaranteed the animals have been well looked after.