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Everyone knows how incredible sheepskin rugs are, but have you ever considered a more exotic rug for your home? If you want something a little different and beautifully unique for your space, one of our stunning exotic hide rugs could be the answer. They come in all shapes and sizes, so they can add a luxurious, stylish feel to even the smallest room. In addition, no two exotic hides are ever the same due to their distinctive markings, so if you want a rug that is entirely one of a kind, this range could be for you.

If you’re looking to add a splash of style and texture to a room, one of our small but perfectly formed and super soft goatskin rugs could be just what you are looking for. Each rug is unique and, you can choose from a range of markings and colouring, allowing you to coordinate with your existing home decor.

Exotic hides aren’t just for the floor, either. Our velvety Blesbok hides make for a fantastic statement piece draped over a chair or sofa to complement your furnishing and provide a cosy throw during chillier evenings.

Customers looking to add a safari feel to their home could consider one of our striking Springbok hides, which are resplendent with beautiful caramel, chocolate, and cream markings. But, of course, it almost goes without saying, Springbok like all our exotic rugs look beautiful underfoot or draped over a chair too and make a wonderful addition to any room in your home.

For your peace of mind, all our exotic hides are sustainably and ethically sourced as by-products of the meat industry.