Classic Sheepskin Hides

Our classic sheepskin hides are hand picked for their very soft and supple fleece. These hides are customer favourites year after year.

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It’s easy to see why our classic sheepskin hides are some of our most popular rugs.

Hand-picked for their inviting, supple fleece aesthetic and dense wool feel to the touch, we use premium quality hide that preserves the tactile appeal and high-quality of these rugs.

You won’t be able to resist using them as an extra seat when settling down by the fire in the evening, although they work equally well as a furniture throw or floor covering.

Each of our ethically sourced sheepskin hides is unique in size, shape and colour tone, meaning every classic rug purchased is individual to you as the owner.

Classic sheepskin hides are highly regarded for the ease in which they blend into both traditional and contemporary interiors, with colour options ranging from eye-catching blue, green, orange, and purple rugs to add touch of style to a room, to beige, black and cream hides sitting right at home on wooden floors.

No matter which classic rug you choose, looking after it will be breeze. Vigorous shaking while tidying the house helps your rug maintain its natural softness, while setting your hoover’s nozzle attachment to medium keeps it free from dirt and dust.