Curly Sheepskin Hides

Our curly sheepskin hide rugs are famed for their wonderfully delicate, lavish fleece and stunning array of colours.

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If you like your rugs to be as long-haired and fluffy as possible, our splendid curly sheepskin hides could be just what you need for your home or office space.

Famed for their wonderfully delicate, lavish fleece and wide choice of colours working well with a range of interior styles, these Tibetan and Mongolian lamb and sheepskin hides are ethically sourced from sustainably managed farms - and are a by-product of their food industry which sustains many communities.

If you’ve recently moved home or redecorated a lounge, bedroom kitchen space, why not add character by placing a cosy curly rug on the floor, draped over a bed or sofa, or even as a hanging wall feature to really show off your inner interior designer.

Available in grey or black, these hides appeal to budgets large and small, with each curly sheepskin hide carrying a guarantee of premium quality no matter which price point you buy at.

100% natural and eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals are used when making these curly rugs, which are each unique in size, shape and colour tone, so you can admire your hide in the knowledge that no one else owns the same version.