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Cowhide Rugs Frequently Asked Questions


While you will find success stories of people machine-washing their cowhide rugs, it’s not something we recommend. This is because they are composed of natural fibres and washing them in a machine with detergent can damage the suede, cause the hairs to fall out, and even lead to holes. You can use a damp brush on your rug or, if necessary take it to a dry cleaner with experience in laundering animal skins.


To keep your cowhide rug free from dust and dirt, gently use a vacuum cleaner or brush. Always vacuum and brush in the direction of the hair and avoid using a vacuum head with spinning brushes. Alternatively, take the hide outside, and shake it to remove any muck. Try to avoid getting the rug wet, and do not immerse it in water. You can use a mild shampoo designed for use on leather goods and a damp brush to clean your rug, but never soak it in water or put in the washing machine.


If you spill something on it – such as wine or coffee – use kitchen roll to blot the excess liquid. Then, use a mild shampoo before rinsing with clean water. Take care not to wet the skin side of the hide. Dry away from any heat sources, including direct sunlight, and massage the skin as it dries.


Sometimes, accidents will happen despite your best intentions to keep your cowhide rug safe. If your rug gets wet, do not dry it next to a heat source, such as a radiator or in direct sunlight, and do not put it in the tumble dryer. Instead, while it’s still damp, massage the skin to stretch it back into shape, and use a brush or comb to brush the hair so it doesn’t stick to the leather.


Cowhide rugs are unique because no two are exactly alike. Each rug is a natural product of the cow, meaning that the pattern, colour, and texture of the rug will vary depending on the cow's breed, age, and environment. Cowhide rugs are also incredibly durable, easy to clean, and hypoallergenic.


Yes, cowhide rugs are considered to be an environmentally friendly choice for home decor. Unlike synthetic rugs, which are made from non-renewable materials, cowhide rugs are a natural by-product of the meat industry. This means that they are sustainable and do not contribute to additional harm to the environment.


Yes, cowhide rugs are extremely durable and can withstand high-traffic areas. They are resistant to stains and wear, and their natural oils repel dust and dirt. Cowhide rugs are ideal for use in entrances, living rooms, and other areas of the home that experience heavy footfall.


Cowhide rugs are a versatile addition to any home decor. They can be used as a statement piece in a minimalist room or as a complement to a more traditional decor. They look great in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and even home offices. You can pair a cowhide rug with leather furniture or use it as a contrast to softer textures like velvet or linen.


They are indeed! Cowhide rugs are known for their durability, and with proper care and maintenance they can last for many years, even decades. However, note that the lifespan of a cowhide rug will depend on factors such as the quality of the hide, the amount of foot traffic it receives, and the environment in which it's placed.


While cowhide rugs are generally durable and resistant to moisture, we don’t recommend that you place them in extremely damp or wet environments. This is because the hide can absorb moisture, which can lead to mould and mildew growth, as well as damage to the hide itself. If you do choose to use a cowhide rug in a room that’s prone to damp, it's important to take steps to protect it, such as using a waterproofing spray or applying a sealant to the hide.


To prevent a cowhide rug from slipping or moving around on the floor, you can use a non-slip rug pad or a rubberised backing. These materials will help the rug grip the floor and stay in place, even in areas where there’s lots of foot traffic. Additionally, you could also use a rug anchor or a rug gripper to keep the rug from moving around.


While cowhide rugs are generally better suited to indoor use, there are some types of cowhides that are suitable for outdoor use. However, these types of cowhides still may not be suitable for extreme weather conditions or direct sunlight. If you're considering using a cowhide rug outdoors, choose a hide that's specifically described as suitable for outdoor use and to take steps to protect it from the elements.


To prevent a cowhide rug from slipping underfoot, place an anti-slip rug underlay underneath it. These mats provide traction, helping to keep the rug in place and therefore minimising the risk of any accidents related to slipping.


If you need to store a cowhide rug when it's not in use, make sure you clean it beforehand to remove any dirt or moisture. Once cleaned, roll the rug loosely with the hair side facing outwards to prevent wrinkles, and avoid folding the rug as this can cause permanent creases. Store the rolled rug in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.


Yes, they can! In general, cowhide rugs are pet-friendly due to their durability. However, it's important to consider your pet's behaviour. For instance, if your four-legged friend is still in the puppy stage and frequently scratches or chews on your belongings, it may not be suitable to place a cowhide rug in areas where they have access, at least not until they’re a little older.


If your cowhide rug starts to smell, there are a few methods you can try to remove the unpleasant odours. First, ensure that the rug is clean by hoovering it. Then, sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface of the rug and let it sit for a few hours to absorb the odours, before hoovering it off. Alternatively, use a specially formulated cowhide rug cleaner. You can also air out the rug outdoors for a day or two, as fresh air can help eliminate odours.


Of course! Our cowhide rugs have unique and attractive patterns, which means they look just as beautiful on the wall as they do on the floor. In fact, a cowhide rug can add a stylish and rustic touch to your wall decor. To hang the cowhide rug on the wall, you can use small headed nails, hooks, or adhesive strips specifically designed for wall hangings.


Yes, you can indeed place furniture on top of a cowhide rug, as they are durable and can withstand the weight of furniture. However, it is recommended that you use furniture pads to prevent any damage to the rug's surface, especially when moving or shifting the furniture.


Yes, our cowhide rugs are made from genuine cowhide leather. They are crafted from the natural skin of cows, which is tanned using time-honoured methods to create durable and attractive rugs. As they are made from genuine leather, no two rugs will have the same exact pattern and markings, making each and every rug completely unique.


As with any natural material, cowhide rugs are susceptible to fading when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Over time, this exposure can cause the colours on the cowhide rug to fade. To minimise fading, it's best to place the rug away from direct sunlight. Regularly rotating the rug can also help to ensure even wear and reduce the impact of fading.


If your cowhide rug develops wrinkles while in storage, don’t fret! Lay a towel on a flat surface and then lay the rug on top with the hair side up. Place a damp towel over the rug and use an iron to iron out the wrinkles. Work quickly to avoid causing any damage. Allow the rug to cool off before putting it back in its place.



We understand the struggle of pet hair on your beloved cowhide rug. To tackle this, use a soft-bristle brush or a vacuum with a brush attachment to gently remove the hair. Take care to avoid harsh scrubbing to preserve the rug's integrity.


When placing a cowhide rug on hardwood floors, it's wise to use an anti-slip rug underlay that's suitable for hardwood surfaces. This safeguards against potential slips, and helps protect the underside of the rug.


Certainly, you can add layers of texture and style by placing a cowhide rug on top of another rug or directly on a carpet. To pull off this look, choose a rug with complementary colours and patterns.


All of our products are shipped using a tracked courier service. The length of time it takes to receive your order will depend on where you’re situated. For instance, all mainland UK addresses will receive their order the next working day. Shipping times can be found here.


Our cowhide rugs are all by-products of the meat industry and our suppliers guarantee that all hides are ethically sourced from high quality certificated farms. For more details, please read our ethical policy.


Cowhide rugs are very low maintenance and don’t require much in the way of care or maintenance to retain their aesthetic appeal. It can be cleaned with a mild leather shampoo and then combed with a plastic toothed brush or massage brush. It can be folded away to store in a dry, cool, airy place and then revived with a good shake once ready for use again.



Yes. We have all of the essential cowhide cleaning products on our website available to purchase. These are all the products you’ll need to keep your rug looking as good as new, for as long as possible.